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I make my guitars in the traditional Spanish way, with the top face downwards on a work board, or solera. The woods I use are all top quality - and I have been fortunate to secure a good stock of Spruce, Cedar and Indian Rosewood originally purchased over twenty-five years ago.

Depending on the model, the bracing is either a fan, or lattice; precise layout and dimensions will vary according to the properties of the top. The neck and top are glued together on the solera before the body is assembled, establishing the setup of the instrument at the outset. The neck is made with a traditional scarf joint, and the headstock veneered on both sides. Rosettes, bindings and trim are all made myself from natural coloured woods and are unique to each instrument.

The way a guitar sounds is very subjective, and is difficult to describe, or measure, in any consistent way. My aim is for good volume, with clear, sustaining trebles and sonorous basses that complement, rather than compete.